Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hairy Woodpecker

We've had a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers at the feeder for the past two weeks. They are similar to the smaller Downy, but a much more substantial beak and far more wary.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

# 23 Woo Hoo - Last One !!

I found this journey through the various Web 2.0 tools to be time consuming, but of great interest. I feel I now have a better sense of what the patrons of tomorrrow will expect. I think the danger at this point, however, is Technology-Lust .. the irresistable desire to have all of this good stuff that people may not know they need.
This is the time to make sure we keep the library mandate clearly in focus. There is little point in setting up Web 2 functions just for the sake of doing it. It is worth putting time into applications that will move us closer to our goals for public service.

#22 E-books

I had a quick look at these sites - not sure how I feel about e-books. I don't think that downloaded to PC they would interest me. But I can see reading e-books on some of the trade paperback sized tablets that are desined for e-books. The ability to adjust contrast and font size would be beneficial to those of us experiencing a need for reading glasses. The tablets would also be useful to Large Print patrons who find books too heavy to hold.

Friday, March 23, 2007

# 21 Podcasts

I subscribed to The Web 2.0 Show for this task. Each episode is a conversation between two non-nerds and someone who has developed a new Web 2.0 tool. The one I listened to was with Chris Matthieu, the developer of Numly. Numly is an attempt to develop a copywrite system that can be used in a web 2 environment. A Numly Number is an ESN or Electronic Serial Number for digital stuff - podcasts, bloggs,etc. It is a unique identifier that allows an author or publisher to assign to content and track licensing of each id assignment.
Pretty heady stuff, but something that as Middlesex County Library's designated tracker of all things copywrite, something that was of interest to me.
The Web 2.0 Show is a worth while podcast.
Of more direct application to libraries are the Sirsi Dynix podcasts. The podcasts are seminars on a variety of topics.

# 20 YouTube

There is one fantastic entry that I've send to a few of you..It is a self described work of Digital Ethnography by Prof. Wesch of Kansas Statr University. He says he explores 'mediated culture, seeking to merge the ideas of Media Ecology and Cultural Anthropology." I find it a profound illustration of McLuhan's the medium is the message

But - YouTube is lots of fun too - one of my all time favourites ie the Evolution of Dance - a classic for sure.

Library applications -I think there could be possibilities in the areas of patron instruction, promotion of serices, tours of facilties - lots of good things.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

# 18 Online Productivity Tools - GD&S and me

So this is a new document I'm going to play with using Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I am going to write this paragraph and throw in a couple of features/links and then see if it is possible to paste it into my Blogger account keeping the links intact. Well this is a link to an URL and this one is a link to a document - now to publish to the blog (at least that is the plan).

Well, it seems to have worked! There was some dancing around interface issues between GD&S and Blogger Beta, but they were easily sorted out.
The GD&S too is useful for inserting links, publishing in various places and saving in more formats. I didn't like the fact that you have to save and close before you can tag - but this is a small quibble.
I also seem to have lost my formatting in the document I linked to.

# Extra - Squidoo

After my disappointed feeling about Wikis, I've found a tool that does excite me - it is called Squidoo and it creates a thing best described as "thousands of people creating a handbuilt catalogue of the best stuff online". Once you decide on a topic or "lens" , type the topic into the search box to be taken to a list of possibities.
Try the search term Library and you'll be faced with a number of choices - have a look at the Library 2.0 Lens to see an excellent summary of the topic from leading writers and thinkers in the field.