Monday, March 5, 2007

# 11 Library Thing

Well this activity was the one that I could have easily gotten lost in.. so many books to consider little time. The LibraryThing site did raise a question in my mind - each of the 11 things so far, on their own, could absorb a huge amount of time - exploring, playing with, becoming proficient at. It boggles the mind how much 'stuff ' is out there. Surely things will settled out with a few applications becoming commonplace, many others moving to well deservesd obscurity. For instance I heard on the news today that Second Life is where YouTube was last year in terms of reaching the tipping point in the mass consciousness.

Another interesting thing about Second Life - it was supposed to be a utopian meeting place for people. But , at the same time as multinational corporations are opening outlets in the virtual world, and politicians are setting up virtual campaign offices, the Second Life world has had its first taste of protest and rebellion. Certain politicians virtual offfices have been picketted - one, in fact, was swathed in Nazi Flags.

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