Sunday, March 25, 2007

# 23 Woo Hoo - Last One !!

I found this journey through the various Web 2.0 tools to be time consuming, but of great interest. I feel I now have a better sense of what the patrons of tomorrrow will expect. I think the danger at this point, however, is Technology-Lust .. the irresistable desire to have all of this good stuff that people may not know they need.
This is the time to make sure we keep the library mandate clearly in focus. There is little point in setting up Web 2 functions just for the sake of doing it. It is worth putting time into applications that will move us closer to our goals for public service.


Heather & Family said...

I'm not worthy!!! you rock Patti, way to go getting all the steps done so quickly!!!

fiveoaks said...

I agree, Patti, we need to keep our mandate clearly in focus. I like the quote from Bill Drew that you sent around last week: "Library 2.0 is not always about replacing more tradtional services. It is about extending those services into new areas and starting new ones. It is not change for the sake of change." We still have, and will continue to have, a large group of library users who expect the traditional services, delivered in the traditional way. We can help ease them (and ourselves!) into new ways of receiving those services with some of the Web 2 technologies.