Sunday, March 4, 2007

# 9 - Finding Blogs and News Feeds

Once I've found a blog that discusses an area of interest (knitting) I have found the easiest way to find other blogs on the subject is to look for links on the first blog.
I did try all of the suggested sites to find blogs/news feeds - in fact I tried a new topic I've been researching - tent pegging. In a never ending search for more dangerous things to do on a horse (for my husband, not me) I've run across tent pegging. It was a skill taught to cavalry officers in India who were likely to encounter elephants on the battle field. Apparently the most effective way to stop a battle elephant is to spear it in the foot. So officers were taught the skill by galloping around an obstacle course with a drawn sabre held out in front or to the side of the horse's head. Akaash Maharaj (a former Liberal party speech writer, former officer in the Governor General's Horse Guard, and one of the most brilliant public speakers this side of Stephen Lewis) is the Canadian tent pegging champion and is, at this very moment, in Oman competing in the World Championships.
I figured searching the topic tent pegging would be a good measure of the effectiveness of the various search sites (all pages were set to rank by relevance). Results: Feedster- got a tent pegging site within 3 suggested sites, Topix in 2, Syndic8 0 and Technorati got a site in 1.
There is going to be a demonstration of the sport in Markham on the 23 and 24 of May. I am planning on keeping husband Geoff busy that weekend!


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