Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I seem to have had absolutely no time to get back to the 23 things - and this weekend is going to be full too. The Can Am Horse show is on at the Agriplex in London and since Anna's program in Fairview has been cancelled, we are planning to spend some time talking to people and seeing if we can come up with an alternate plan for next year.

This weekend is also College Royal at U of Guelph - the annual open house that showcases the campus. the main attraction is always the Vet college and the animals ( a favourite is the cow with the window into it's stomach that has been a feature since i was a kid). Jenny will be busy all weekend showing Socrates the vulture and her two new charges - crows named Poe and Loki. She has to field questions and keep people out of Soc's biting range. He thinks Jenny is his mate and always become very protective of her when there are people around. We are planning to go on Saturday to see the displays and take the girls out for supper because it is Katie's 25th birthday next week. Hence the title of this entry .... ack!!!

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