Thursday, March 15, 2007

# 13 to # 15 Idea Overload (in a good way)

I've gone through the del-icio-us, technorati and web.2 theory activities in the midst of a week that has set me back on my heels. At the moment I am working on many projects that all have library 2.0 components. From getting Overdrive launched, through creating an exciting new web 2 component for Summer Reading, to planning a branch meeting presentation that will introduce teens and web 2 in a subtle/fun way to staff, to planning presentations to the board and county council on our first actual web 2 success (Overdrive) - I come home from work with my mind reeling. I have always loved new ideas and the intellectual challenge of seeing where they fit into my world view - so these past few months of web 2 ideas have been wonderful.
I am stunned at the impact this will all have on our lives. Every since the early days when Katie and Jenny played with ICQ - I've been convinced that the experience of interacting with people beyond their immediate little world of Thamesford would shape their lives in ways that we can't even imagine. That conviction has only grown as I've learned more about all of these new web 2 tools - the fact that I've corresponded and exchanged ideas with Michael Stephens (a guru of Library 2) after hearing him speak at OLA - the fact that Ann at Library office has corresponded with a Curator of Photography at some British museum about the uniform a relative is wearing in a WW1 photo she originally sent to a person on a genealogy list serve - this is web 2 at is best - people talking to people about their passions with no barriers of distance or social position.
So, back to libraries, the library has always been a community service. We have to understand that the community is changing and that not only does the library have to change in responce, we have to step back from our historic position as the people who provide what the patrons most likely need or want and embrace our new Library 2.0 role as the facilitators that work in a 'socially rich' environment where we work with the users to bring them Library 2.0.

No one knows what the Library 2.0 will look like, but we at Middlesex County have to become active participants blogging and interacting with both our patrons and our professional peers as we move into the new age. Interesting times indeed!

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